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Rose Loofah


A unique, eye-catching handmade soap that combines all the benefits of Rose Oil soap with a loofah.  The loofah adds texture both for looks and usage, as it helps exfoliate the skin and enhance blood circulation.  

Benefits & Features:

  • Great for showers, baths, and the sink
  •  Hydrates, Rejuvenates, and Softens the skin
  • Treats and heals they skin from scarring such as burn marks
  •  Helps to improve the mood with relaxing aromatherapeutic scents
This product is organic, vegan & natural.
Weight: 220gr


About Us

We are 100% Handmade in Toronto, Canada. We are proud to be doing what we love since 2004. We make everything ourselves in small batches in our Liberty Village studio. We focus on using the highest quality ingredients